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Heftee Industries LLC is the industry leader in service lifts for the professional small engine repair shop.

Since our founding our goal has been to equip professional repair technicians with a lift that would allow them to work comfortably in a standing position, rather than lying on the cold shop floor on a creeper with a lawnmower just inches above their head.

The Heftee 2000 was first introduced in the mid-1990s and revolutionized the way a technician works on riding lawn mowers, utility vehicles and other small engine equipment.

Today the Heftee 2000 and Heftee 4000 lifts set the standard for outdoor power equipment lifts that provide complete under-equipment access, adjust to any wheelbase, can lift the smallest to largest riding mower or utility vehicle, and yet are nimble enough to be freestanding and easily installed or relocated around the shop.

More than 6,000 service shops use Heftee lifts to provide better service, shorten backlogs and increase their customers’ satisfaction.

Heftee lifts improve technician efficiency, increase the shop’s overall productivity, improve worker safety, help control shop costs, and equip technicians so they can focus on delivering quality results in their repair work.

Over the last 25 years we have introduced the Heftee 250 lift for push mowers, string trimmers, small engines and chain saws. Mobile service providers equip their trucks and service trailers with the Heftee 900.