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Once adjusted and loaded, the Heftee 2000 and 4000 lift equipment to 6 feet off the floor in 30 seconds, and can be positioned at any working height in between.

Once lifted, most lifts have completed their task, but the Heftee lifts are just getting started.

Our accessories transform the lift into a complete workstation, equipping the technician to perform a wide variety of jobs without the need to call on others for assistance. Heftee lifts equip technicians to increase their efficiency.

Heftee’s accessories are essential tools for completing most repair jobs on the lifts.

Heftee’s axle, pan and bottle jacks lift equipment while it is on the lift, freeing tires so work can be performed on the wheels.

The Heftee boom, outfitted with your own chain or come-along, is a third work arm and lifting device; can support front-mount cutting decks; and can be located in three different positions on the lift.

The Heftee extension arms are channeled and clip onto the lift arms. Use them for equipment support or to lift push mowers or support front-mount cutting decks.

Heftee’s Deck Kart, paired with a Heftee 2000 or 4000, enables a technician to easily remove cutting decks weighing up to 600 pounds, inspect and repair them, and re-attach them to the mower all without the assistance of another technician. That’s efficiency delivered!

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