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When the bottom line counts, Heftee equips the technician to deliver higher productivity day in and day out.

Heftee users regularly report an increase in technician productivity of between 20 – 40% once the Heftee is put into operation!

Equipment is typically on the lift for about 1,000 hours a year. At just a modest $60 shop rate, which is $60,000 in flat-rate billable work, Heftee’s low-end productivity improvement of 20% would add an additional 200 hours of work. At the $60 shop rate that translates into an additional $12,000 annually.

Not only are more jobs completed, but time per job is reduced. 

With reduced service times, equipment can be returned to customers faster, increasing cash flow and customer satisfaction. A win-win-win for the technician, the service department and the customer!

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