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From the beginning Heftee’s first commitment has been SAFETY. We deliver on that commitment in five critical ways.

Our engineering “four times rated capacity” standard is to design and build lifts that exceed government safety requirements.

Each of our products is not only designed to this standard, but also put to the test. Our load testing and post-production testing protocols assure that each lift meets the 4X standard. Our Heftee 2000 has passed an 8,000 pound load test; the Heftee 4000 successfully tested at 16,000 pounds!

Our safety locking system is designed to automatically engage as equipment is raised on the lift.

The technician doesn’t have to remember to set the safety lock; it happens automatically. And to lower the lift, the technician must use both hands to disengage the locking system and operate the lowering controls, all from a position safely behind the lift and away from the descending equipment.

Our Heftee 4000 lift is equipped with a redundant two-lock system.

Each single lock can hold the rated lift load, should one lock fail. And the locks engage every three inches along the mast.

Our lifting system of pump, motor and cylinder on the Heftee 2000 and 4000 are calibrated so that the lift will only lift up to their rated capacities.

Should the lift be stopped before a safety lock is engaged, internal cylinder restrictors are used to assure that in the event of a hydraulic failure, the lifts will descend slowly until a safety lock is engaged.

Our lifts revolutionized the way technicians work on small engine equipment.

For decades most technicians were confined to cold, hard concrete floors using a floor jack and creeper to scoot awkwardly under riding lawn mowers or low-to-the-ground utility vehicles. Table lifts brought the “floor” up to waist height, but still required floor jacks to lift the equipment off the table and awkward bending and stretching to reach under-equipment repair areas.


With the Heftee 2000 and 4000 technicians are able to stand comfortably under mowers and utility vehicles, position them at easy-to-reach heights, and clearly see and reach the entire work space. No awkward bending. No working on your knees. No stretching and straining your back.


Our 30 years of in-field experience is a testament to our commitment to safety. With nearly 8,000 lifts in service, our lifts have more than a hundred million operating hours with virtually no equipment failure or safety incidents. Technicians work more safely with fewer ergonomic challenges that enable them to stay comfortable and productive longer.

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